Sunday, August 23, 2009

Miyah' Birthday in pics.......

Mommy holding for the 1st timeChecking her out

Miyah relaxing

1st bath

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Birthday.......5/16/2009

Yummy fruit traylasagna

saladICECREAM Cake!!!!

OMG!!! My face was huge!!! Lol

Being that I had to work a 12hr shift on top of being 36wks pregnant my birthday was mainly spent sleeping. To my surprise my friends at work had plans for me. I had mentioned before I wanted some lasagna and never had a ice cream cake so they planned a little surprise for me!

Easter 2009

Lee and My little sis Ronesha

On our way to church

Baby shower # 2

My sister had a baby shower for me also.......... Some of the gifts

Playing a game

More games

Baby shower # 1

I am very thankful for my friends and co-workers! These pictures dont justify the many gifts I recieved especially my favorite one which was a Vera Bradley baby bag ( thanks sooo much Kim an Michelle) !

My good friend Heather entertaining my busy boy

Lee helping bring me the gifts

Wendy 35weeks, Me 32weeks

Lee's 4th bday pics

Blog update Pt1

Ok, so life has been crazy for me over the last 8months. As many already know I started this blog to update about my pregnancy and life with Lee, I thought it was a good idea and that I would be able to keep it updated. Apparently not! Lol... So here I am with a 2month soon to be 3month old and Le starting Pre-K with my first update bout my family so please be patient with me!!!!